What is Mobile App Marketing?

Social Media is simply defined as websites and applications used for social networking. What is Social Networking you ask? Social Networking is the the use of dedicated websites and applications to communicate informally with other users, or to find people with similar interests to oneself.

Why Mobile App Marketing?

The question is not should you have a social media presence, but when will you have a social media presence?

What can Mobile App Marketing do for You and Your Business’ App?

Social Media is the most important new digital media for businesses. AppBuilder 360 is a Social Media Development division that integrates your company’s current marketing plans and goals into your social properties. Our goal is to establish your company as the expert in the field of business you are in. By building a strategy that parallels your current marketing the message becomes one and an extension of your current efforts.

Why AppBuilder 360?

AppBuilder 360 specializes in the development, monitoring and management of information across multiple social networks. Our comprehensive platforms deliver reports to your company that increase the opportunity to create leads, engagement, conversation and purchases.

proven Marketing Methods

A list of effective mobile app marketing methods

  • Push Notifications
  • Email
  • Mobile Ads
  • Web Ads